Toys for Christmas – Bop It XT and UNO Roboto Game Instructions

Toys for Christmas – Bop It XT and UNO Roboto Game Instructions – Some old traditional toys and games are never meant to be replaced, only improved. Many board games or card games still exist today and are played occasionally in family room, during a trip in a car, or after dinner with friends. Many people think of an old game as a tradition; and just like Christmas traditions, they never get old. UNO is a fine example of simple traditional fun engaging card game played by the young and old all over the world. While the original version is still as much fun today as it was 46 years ago, it has been updated with countless theme cards and also a new version called UNO Roboto. On the other hand, some new games are designed to slightly play like traditional ones for example the Bop It XT.

UNO Roboto Game
UNO Roboto Game

UNO Roboto Instructions and Review

Designed as a fresh twist of UNO classic card game, UNO Roboto brings more intense fun and interactive play time with the addition of a robot. The cards are still present, and even the basic rules are the same as its older version. Goal of the game remains the same: you try to be the first to get rid of your cards and win. Just like the classic counterpart, UNO Roboto is for two to six players. Although the rules are pretty much the same, it brings a new exciting element, the robot.

Bop It XT
Bop It XT

Instead of just sitting in the center of the table and doing nothing, the robot can speak out pre-recorded commands. There is no way to tell if the robot will give the commands at the next turn or the turn after that. Such predictability is the thing that makes every game exciting, and UNO Roboto delivers. The commands can be anything silly and challenging depending on your preference. Anytime you need to restart, simply press the Blue button to erase the robot’s memory.

Features highlight:

  • A new version of classic UNO card game
  • Record any command you want
  • As simple as the classic UNO
  • 108 cards are included

Commands are given at random time to any player. UNO Robot can also speak out players’ names as long as you record them beforehand. Every twist and additional commands either increase or decrease your chances of winning. It is a must-have for every game night.

Bop It XT Instructions and Review

If UNO Roboto is a new version of a traditional game, Bop It XT is a new game designed to be a traditional one. Instead of merely following the trend and creating expensive sophisticated toys, Hasbro still has something for its more conventional fans, the Bop It XT.

The game unit looks a little bit like an airplane steering wheel with two handles on the sides and circular center in the middle; one handle is pointing upward, and the other is downward. All around the game unit, you will find little things like a knob, a lever, a wheel, and buttons. Once turned-on, the unit will give you a random command that you must follow in order to score. To win, you must get 100 points. Every command asks you to interact with the unit for examples pulling a knob, flicking a lever, pressing a button, or spinning a wheel. It may sound easy, but Bop It XT is a truly fast-paced game that demands high concentrations and good reflex.

Features highlight:

  • Solo or multiple players
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Music and spoken commands
  • Novice, Expert, Master, and Pro levels
  • Headphone jack

Bop It XT also features adjustable volume. If family engagement is one thing you are after, Bop It XT should be on your list of Christmas toys to consider. The challenging game play and the fact that players actually have to interact bring you the perfect opportunity to get closer with each other.