Christmas Gifts for Kids – Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle and Power Wheels Boomerang

Christmas Gifts for Kids – Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle and Power Wheels Boomerang – Some kids love to create their own play scene with action figures, others like blasting opponents with toy guns, and a good number prefer toy cars to any other kind. Toy cars also come in many different configurations; you have miniature cars modeled after the real full-size ones, R/C vehicles, and actual drivable vehicles. When it comes to R/C, children are spoiled with options. For Christmas this year, however, there is one that probably all children across the country crave for, the Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero. For those ready to try real driving experience, on the other hand, there is the Power Wheels Boomerang by Fisher-Price.

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle
Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle

If you remember the Orbotix smartphone-controlled robot ball, you also probably realize that the company no longer exists. Orbotix has not gone vanished, but it now goes by the name of Sphero. As of 2017, it has made quite a lot of toys including Ollie (the robot ball), BB-8, Spider-Man, and recently the Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle. All of those are robotic, in the sense that you can control the toys and make them do things. Among all toys from Sphero, the Ultimate Lightning McQueen is by far the most impressive in terms of both design and playability

Features highlight:

  • Authentic Cars merchandise
  • Technologically advanced toy with smartphone connectivity
  • Control with free Ultimate Lightning McQueen app available on Google Play Store and iTunes
  • Bluetooth Smart range reaches 30 meters
  • Capacitive touch panels on the toy’s body
  • Ambient sensor in front and rear LED lights
  • Fully-charged battery lasts for about 40-minutes of playtime

One of the first things to notice is the remarkable resemblance of the toy with the actual character featured in Pixar’s Cars; the colors, decals, tires, exhaust pipes, and every single details makes a perfect similarity, albeit the size. There is also the heft because apparently it has a lot of things going on inside. Ultimate Lightning McQueen is equipped with six motors used for driving and controlling its expressive movements. Let us not forget about the speaker box, trapezoid LCD for eye movements, and of course rechargeable battery.

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. The technologies, ease of use, and overall quality justify the steep asking price. From parents’ perspectives, it is every bit as exciting as many educational toys in the market. Kids will learn to use simple programming applications by inserting commands for the vehicle to do and sentence sequences for it to speak out. Christmas is still several months to come, so you have the time save some now and claim the reward when the holiday arrives.

Power Wheels Boomerang

Power Wheels Boomerang
Power Wheels Boomerang

Designed to tilt and spin in fully-controlled safe drifts, the Power Wheels Boomerang is a three-wheel car with a shape similar to that of a full-size ATV. With two front wheels and a single rear wheel, the vehicle can make dramatic turns without losing proper balance. Powered by 12V battery (included), maximum top speed in forward direction is 5 miles per hour and only 2.5 miles per hour in reverse.

If there is one thing that makes Christmas gifts feel more special, it is the surprise factor. Considering the form-factor, usability, and fun factors you get from Fisher-Price Power Wheels Boomerang, your kids couldn’t be more surprised to receive the item. The toy is big, shiny, great-looking, and best of all drivable in real world. You have to admit that this is going to be the best of all Christmas gifts for kids you have purchased before.

Features highlight:

  • Built to Fisher-Price durability standard
  • Electric motor
  • Tilts and Spins in perfect balance
  • Loaded with safety features such as seat-belt, adjustable seat, and high-sides
  • Power-Lock brakes

Power Wheels Boomerang is appropriate for children aged 5 – 10 years. It is an all-wheel drive vehicle, which means your kid can drive it almost anywhere even in difficult terrains. Sophisticated systems are all over the place including the Smart Drive and Smooth Start technology to give better traction control and eliminate jerky start respectively. When accelerating at lower speeds, the vehicle still runs smooth for added convenience as well. Battery life indicator is on-board.